YUNGA Guernsey

YUNGA Guernsey Biodiversity badge

What is YUNGA?

Formed in 2009, the Youth and United Nations Global Alliance (YUNGA) is a partnership between United Nations agencies, civil society organizations and other entities that work with children and young people. 

YUNGA acts as a gateway for children and youth from around the world to participate in the activities and initiatives of the United Nations. YUNGA seeks to empower children and young people to have a greater role in society, raise awareness and become active agents of change. YUNGA aims to engage young people in activities of key environmental and social concern at both national and international levels.

What is YUNGA Guernsey?

YUNGA Guernsey is a partnership between organisations in the Bailiwick which offer environmental events to the public and their members, and Co-op. Between them they enable young people in the Bailiwick to enjoy, learn and care for our natural environment. Other organisations that don’t hold events but support organisations who do, and have provided endorsement for the scheme are listed below as supporters.

What do I have to do to get the Biodiversity Badge?

  1. Look at the calendar below to see all the events happening in the Bailiwick that are to do with our natural environment.
  2. Attend an event
  3. When you register for this badge you will receive your own google page to upload evidence (this could be a photo) that you have attended an event and you write a sentence about what you learnt and or enjoyed.
  4. You will need to attend 8 events, ideally two from each category Earth, Ocean, Air, Environment. You need to have attended events from 4 different organisations. Events at school, organisations like Scouting and even D of E may also count. Contact fragileguernsey to check.
  5. Once you have attended 8 events, you write a short paragraph (or a couple of sentences – younger children can ask an adult to help) about what you have learnt by attending these events and reflect on what you will now do in order to care for the natural environment.
  6. Let fragileguernsey know that you have completed the badge and they will have a look at your google evidence page to confirm and contact you to let you know. Your badge and certificate will then be sent to school or given to you. You may also be invited to a badge awarding ceremony.


There is no time limit for completing the badge. We hope that you enjoy attending environmental events on the islands in the beautiful Bailiwick of Guernsey.


Young children in primary or infant school can complete this badge with the help of an adult.




Green Earth

Blue Ocean

Pink Air

Orange Environment

Frequently Asked Questions FAQs

  • Who gives out the badges?

The badges will be sent to schools (or an alternative of your choice  if you are home-schooled) to hand out in assemblies etc.


  • Is it an outside award or a school award?

It is an award approved by United Nations and supported by the States for the young people in the Bailiwick of Guernsey. It can be given out in schools in the same way as Eisteddfod certificates are.


  • Is there a pack available so that Eco prefects could give an assembly in school to advertise it?

Yes, a school pack will be available to download from this site at the launch.


  • If our school or scout event, for example, is on the calendar how would be able to only offer it to our members?

Events will be open or closed. An open event will have a link that takes you to the marketing of the organisation holding the public event. A closed event will simply state that it is happening but provide no other details as that organisation would be giving out the relevant details to their members.


  • How do I know if my school or organisation’s event will count for the Biodiversity Award?

You will need to contact fragileguernsey and ask if the event can be put onto the calendar. Only events on the central calendar will count towards the badge.


  • Can a family work through the badge together for children different ages?

Yes, adults can also help younger children. Each child who is working towards the badge must provide evidence on their google page. This could, however, be the same evidence from each child if they attended the event together. The evidence uploaded can be appropriate to the age and ability of the young person. The reflection at the final stage of the badge must be individual.


  • What safe guarding is present for young people and what happens to the data stored?

The award is open to young people in the Bailiwick under the age of 18. When they register for the award, a responsible adult’s email is also required. The young person will then have an individual google page to upload their evidence and this is shared with the responsible adult. Any email correspondence between the young person and fragileguernsey will also copy in the responsible adult. This individual google page will also list all the information that is held on that young person (from the registration form). When the young person has gained the award, the data will be deleted according to GDPR requirements.


Are there any restrictions on which young people can do the badge?

The award is for all school-aged young people in the Bailiwick of Guernsey. If the young person is away at boarding school, they will need to attend the events on the calendar which are all in the Bailiwick.


  • What happens next when the young person has achieved the badge? 

There are plans to increase the number of badges available in the future. Come back and have a look next year!


  • I am interested in becoming a partner organisation. How much extra work is it for me?

All you would need to do is to send an email to fragileguernsey with a link to your marketing for the event so it can be added to the central calendar to count for the Biodiversity award. You could also advertise on your marketing that the event will count for the YUNGA Biodiversity badge. Young people are responsible themselves for gathering evidence of attendance.



All of these partner organisations hold events that will count towards the Biodiversity Badge

This section still under construction – if you have found your way to this page then we will be launching the badge towards the end of March 2022. The calendar has not been populated yet and all the logos for the partner organisations have not yet been uploaded.

The Ladies' College


These organisations don’t hold events but support the organisations who do.